Cat Grooming


We offer Professional Grooming Services by Callie Lindholm right here at Hunter Petcare. Pet grooming is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment. We ask that your pet is at the clinic between 8 am and 9 am so that our well-trained groomer can get to work pampering your pet. Callie will be happy to personally go over the specifics of what style cut you desire, and any other services you would like for your pet.

It is recommended that a regular grooming schedule is started during puppyhood/kittenhood and to maintain it throughout the pets life. Vaccines for all groomers must be current.

Pet Grooming Services We Offer

Services we offer:

  • Shave downs
  • Breed specific haircuts
  • Puppy cuts
  • Baths
  • Special medicated baths

Pet Grooming In Franklin, Ohio

For pet grooming, call to schedule your appointment today!