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How Do Pet Echocardiograms Work?

Veterinary Cardiac Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, examination of the heart is a non-invasive technique that allows visualization of the internal structures of the heart (valves, muscle, and blood vessels) as well as the structures adjacent to the heart (great vessels and pericardium). Currently, cardiac veterinary ultrasound is the best method of determining causes of heart murmurs and rapid changes in the size of the heart. Patients receiving veterinary cardiac ultrasound will have a small portion of hair removed from under the right arm and are placed with their right side down on an elevated table. This positioning provides the best view of the heart. In critical patients, the study may be done on both sides of the chest and in a standing or sternal position. In some cases, other structures may be viewed with diagnostic ultrasound including fluid accumulation outside of the lungs, some tumors associated with the heart or lungs, and tumors outside of the heart and lungs, but contained within the chest cavity.

Pet Echocardiogram In Franklin, Ohio

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